Our Class Options 

Here at Jump Start Driving School we’ve simplified the process of obtaining your license. From the start to the finish we offer complete Driver Education packages as well as the individual components required by the RMV.

A minimum of $250 is required to start the classroom sessions. Driving lessons will not be started until balance owed is paid in full.

You can make payments in several ways cash, check, money order, credit card or pay pal.

The RMV “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” requires that all requirements “both classroom and driving” be completed within two years.
Road Time/ Parent Classes

Road Lesson
One Hour 

Duplicate Certificate

Should you feel you are not ready to take the road test exam, you can schedule additional driving lessons to sharpen those skills

One Hour Road Lesson 

Copy of certificate for students that need a duplicate. For Parent Class, Driving Time and Classroom Completion. 

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